Yambinya Station


Unique to Red Gum, all of our cattle are sourced from small farms across south eastern Australia, and then finished at Yambinya Station.

Yambinya Station is situated in the beautiful south western Riverina region of southern New South Wales. The property spans over 2,900 ha and has an average carrying capacity of 25,000 head of cattle and 45,000 head of prime lamb. The station has a yearly turnover of 50,000 head of beef and 180,000 head of lamb.

Yambinya is located in the fertile Murray River Basin, with softwood scrub, black soil downs and succulent pasture positioning the station as a successful finishing operation within the JBS Southern supply chain. Additional cropping is carried out to ensure a year round supply of quality fodder is on hand to satisfy livestock demand.

Our state-of-the-art facility is constantly upgraded to ensure we uphold above industry standards processes and practices. We maintain a large network of shade lines and wildlife corridors as well as extensive natural river-gum forests – ensuring the environment and livestock are well looked after.

Yambinya is home to modern beef and lamb facilities incorporating state of the art livestock handling complexes to ensure animal welfare is our number one priority. Use of a industry-leading livestock and nutritional database ensures our data is of the highest standard, to enable leading edge business decisions that are based upon proven trends and results. The team prides themselves on providing a workplace that encourages personal growth, offering ongoing training, and plenty of opportunities for career advancement in the industry.

Yambinya is home to one of the largest scale free from hormone, antibiotic free, beef and lamb programs. Extensive time and resources are invested in positive animal welfare outcomes. Industry-leading livestock handling practices and highest quality livestock nutrition ensure that we have the healthiest, most productive and sustainable livestock production system.